How to Fatten Up My French Bulldog Puppy

How to Fatten Up My French Bulldog Puppy

If your French Bulldog puppy seems underweight, you may worry about their growth and health. Supporting appropriate weight gain in Frenchies requires understanding key considerations around diet, nutrition, activity levels, and veterinary guidance. Use these tips to safely fatten up your French Bulldog puppy. How to Fatten Up My French Bulldog Puppy The first step … Read more

How to Find a Female Rottweiler to Breed

How to Find a Female Rottweiler to Breed

Searching for the ideal female Rottweiler to use for breeding can feel overwhelming to newcomers in the dog show and pedigree realm. Responsibly selecting quality, purebred candidates to potentially produce exceptional puppies requires much advance planning, networking with reputable experts and breeders, record scrutiny, and overall due diligence. Learn where to start plus what conformation, … Read more

How to Play with a Chihuahua (Easy Fun Games)

How to Play with a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs full of huge personality. Playing with a Chihuahua is an excellent way to bond with your pint-sized pup and help them live their healthiest, happiest life. Chihuahuas have some special considerations when it comes to playtime, but they also thrive on attention and interaction. Read on to learn top tips for … Read more

At What Age Can You Breed a Female Pitbull?

At What Age Can You Breed a Female Pitbull

Deciding when to breed a female pitbull is an important choice for any responsible owner. While pitbulls can reach sexual maturity and technically get pregnant at 6 months old, that does not mean that early breeding is healthy or recommended. Instead, the ideal breeding age for a female pitbull is between 2-5 years old when … Read more

Why Are Pitbull Tails So Strong? (5 Reasons)

Why Are Pitbull Tails So Strong

Pitbulls are renowned for their muscular physiques, intense jaw strength, and loyalty to their owners. However, another notable yet underappreciated feature is their thick, strong tails. But why exactly are pitbull tails so robust and powerful compared to other dog breeds? One of the most noticeable features of the pitbull is its thick, strong tail. … Read more

Why Does My Pitbull Nibble On Blankets?

Why Does My Pitbull Nibble On Blankets

It’s not uncommon to catch your snuggly Pitbull contentedly sucking, chewing or nibbling away at their favorite blanket. But excessive or obsessive blanket nibbling behavior can also indicate underlying anxiety, boredom or distress for certain Pitbulls. If you’ve noticed your canine companion seems to have a persistent habit of mouthing bedding or linens, you probably … Read more

How to Get My Rottweiler to Gain Weight (25 Tips)

How to Get My Rottweiler to Gain Weight

Achieving healthy weight gain for an underweight Rottweiler requires strategic adjustments to their lifestyle and nutrition plan. Allowing your Rottie to remain skinny can negatively impact their energy, immunity, digestion, skin health and even behavior over time. By increasing your Rottweiler’s caloric intake through diet changes and treats, adding supportive supplements, stimulating their appetite with … Read more

How Many Calories In A Chihuahua? 20 Facts

How Many Calories In A Chihuahua

As the tiniest breed of dog, understanding calorie guidelines is essential for keeping Chihuahuas healthy and fueled for action. But with such petite packages, how many calories does a Chihuahua truly need? Estimating their energy requirements involves an intricate equation accounting for size, weight, age, activity level and more. While tiny, these swift-moving small dogs … Read more